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Drawing Life

So I went to a life drawing class last night in southbank with a few friends. We were running late and arrived 30mins after they had commenced.The place was packed but I found a corner to setup. It felt like time traveling back to art class with the usual clutter, paper mache objects, clay pots and paint/clag glue aroma. At first I found it a little stressful as it took me a while to understand the 5 min minute time allocation. The model would pose and then hold the pose until the beeper sounded. For someone who usually takes 6-24 hours to do a drawing I felt reckless and almost like riding a bicycle for the first time with out training wheels ; wobbly and insecure. Especially when I looked across at my “competition”. They were wistfully layering masterful strokes that seemed to look incredibly artistic. By contrast my line work looked like a toddler scratching like a chicken looking for worms. I thought to myself “Now where are my fridge magnets?This can go along side Jaspers tractor!” ( One of the many gifts from our creatively inclined 8 year old neighbour that sit on our fridge).

All my fastidious techniques working and reworking the shapes were out the window. I had one shot and the clock was racing. It was really inspiring to be surrounded by so many creatives as well. Drawing for me is usually a solitary experience but drawing with others created a communal consciousness of art lovers that I thrived on…although I might add ….the Spanish flamenco music in the background did seem a tad contrived. I came away reminded by how much more beautiful the female form is compared the angular masculine form. The curves are really inviting and stunning. A true work of art. Trying to capture that in a few lines is THE challenge.

I’m not ready to show any drawings from last night as I’m only remotely proud of one. But here is a little one sketch/painting, I finished this week…yes I spent 8 hours on it!  Old habits die hard!



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